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Zeshui is a speaker production company with more than 20 years of research and development experience. The company’s products include mature wooden speakers and wooden headphones. At the same time, the company’s research and development capabilities are very strong, and you can DIY the wooden speakers and wooden headphones you want.

R&D Strength

The company's research and development including industrial design, electronic circuit, software design, structural design, system design, etc.

As a professional speaker production of the producers, the company has the ability to provide a comprehensive range of speakers solution and on time delivery ability. Have the market across the country, and for Japan, southeast Asia, North America and the west European and other international markets. At the same time establish the corresponding service network, timely and quickly provide customers with sales and service of various kinds of different types of speakers.

ZeShui has complete speaker performance development system, to master the application system from the raw material, chips, such as the core technology, and continuously improve cost-effective, high quality, and cycle life performance.

R&D Strength
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